Our commitment to sustainability

Shell Lake Woodcrafters is dedicated to preserving our air, land and water for future generations. The practices and principles that drive our company demonstrate this commitment. We uphold them not just to fulfill environmental regulations but because they are the right things to do—for our company, our employees, our customers and the earth we all share.

As a manufacturer of furniture, wood is our primary raw material. We choose to work with North American hardwood, one of the best renewable resources. Because it is grown domestically and near our plant, transportation is reduced, limiting the use of fuel and reducing emissions.

We are committed to reducing the amount of scrap and byproducts created during our manufacturing process. Our goal is 0% waste. Currently, scrap and byproduct are burned to heat our plant, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, or converted to animal bedding and compost for local farms.

A great majority of our furniture has a natural oil and wax finish, which is less harmful to the environment than stains and lacquers. When stains and lacquers are required, they are applied judiciously to reduce their effect on the environment and the artisan applying them.

Whenever possible, we protect and deliver our product in reusable moving blankets instead of cardboard and plastic, which typically end up in landfills.

But perhaps our most significant sustainability effort can be seen in the very furniture we create, furniture that will last for generations, both structurally and aesthetically. None of our products appeal to a throwaway mentality. Instead they support our long-standing belief that an initial investment in quality has benefits far greater than cost in the long run.